Val Therm have existed for more then 50 years
The Val Therm company offers a complete range of electric water heaters for small and large pools
as well as for hot tubs (spas)

Model C Mecanic


Electrical water heater with a tubular PVC tank for small inground or above ground pools.
5 KW, 10 KW or 15 KW rating at 240 volts.
Quiet, odourless and easy to install. It will provide quick heating with a very high performance.

Mechanical Thermostat
Small inground or above pools
5, 10 or 15 KW at 240 Volts
haut./H: 24 po./in. (60 cm)
larg./W: 9 1⁄2 po./in. (24 cm)
prof./Depth: 12 po./in. (30 cm)
poids/Wt: +/- 15 lbs/pds
Approved 1 year warranty
against manufacturing defect