Val Therm have existed for more then 50 years
The Val Therm company offers a complete range of electric water heaters for small and large pools
as well as for hot tubs (spas)

Modèle B Digital

Model B Digital

From 6 KW to 72 KW at rating from 208 volts, 240 volts or 600 volts.

Robustly built, its PVC inner tank insures a long life expectancy.Its adjustable and controllable thermostat allows it to keep a constant water temperature.

Easy to install, minimum maintenance and no noise operation are the key features. This model requires to be installed indoors.

Inground Pools or Hot Tub
208, 240 or 600 Volts
haut./H: 17 po./in 43 cm)
larg./W: 25 po./in (63 cm)
prof./Depth: 20 po./in (50 cm)
poids/Wt: +/- 80 lbs/pds
Approved 2 years
warranty against
manufacturing defect